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Achwr y Cilgwri
( The Wirral Genealogist)

Genealogist and Family Historian

Welcome to the website of Achwr Gilgwri, otherwise known as Phyl.  With experience as a researcher, consultant and creator of Family Trees and Histories, he has developed a reputation as a fresh and inspiring voice in his area of expertise.


Over the years, Phyl has had a number of works published in various areas.  As a Presbyter in the Methodist Church of Great Britain Phyl has moved from post to post around the world approximately every 5 years.

Two books which are now out of print and unavailable were written whilst Phyl was a Probationer Presbyter on the Isle of Man.

The first was a translation of the 1976 Worship Book of the Methodist Church into Manx Gaelic.

The second was a book developing his interest in the relationship between science and theology entitled "Theological reflections on Cosmology".

Various articles related to the Church have been published over the years!

In the last few years Phyl has developed a deeper interest in his own roots, Ireland and the Isle of Man and that of his wife Jill in Wales.  He has led webinars on the Isle of Man and Wales for the Surname Society, which were recorded and are accessible to members of the society.

Phyl's speciality is the development of a Family History given to mark a special occasion.  This came about by accident as he has created a unique Family Tree and History for each of his grandchildren.  This was developed on being commissioned to research and write Family Histories for other people.  

1916 or 26 Isabelle A YOung John Fanning

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Phyl's aunts and uncles, grandmother, grandfather and great grandmother. 

Over 40 years, Phyl has been researching the history of his own family and that of others.

Phyl has developed an academic approach and discipline in setting about the challenges of research.  Building on studies in the History of Philosophy, Ethics, Theology and Mathematics leading to the award of a BA from University of London, he completed a specialized advanced degree in Biblical Studies leading to the award of the Bachelor of Divinity degree from the same university.

Phyl has also been involved in Post Graduate study in the Universities of Athabasca, Tubingen, Birmingham,  Strathclyde and Cardiff.  Together with other students who gained the Certificate in Education from Southlands Teacher Training College in the 1970s Phyl has been awarded the Honourary Degree of Bachelor of Education by the University of Roehampton.

Phyl brings these studies across many disciplines together in his Genealogical and Family History Research.

Phyl is formalizing all that he has learnt over the years in working towards qualifications issued by the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies.

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